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Sharon Flory, CSW
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New York, NY.

We all have a core sense of ourselves - an inner wisdom, that when trusted, will always guide us to behaving in positive ways for our greater good. Unfortunately, difficult and overwhelming life experiences can move us to unproductive behavior patterns in an attempt to block uncomfortable and disturbing emotions. As we grow, the behavior patterns to relieve emotional pain become habitual, and become problems, themselves. The original hurt is still there - perhaps disguised or forgotten, but still with us and in us.

Healing occurs when we identify and address the underlying pain connected to our unproductive behavior patterns. Through the process of becoming aware and living with awareness, we give ourselves the power and ability to change and move beyond the hurt. In letting go of old self-defeating behavior, we open the way to new coping tools, new and positive ways of seeing ourselves, and eventually, trusting that inner wisdom and voice that we've learned to ignore.

Therapy techniques enhancing awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit are used to empower you to heal addictions (especially eating disorders and body image issues), reduce anxiety, reduce depression, improve communication skills, heal relationships, and reconnect to a fuller, more joyful way of living.